What we offer you as a guest


You are able to use our wooden fire sauna. The sauna itself holds up to 12 people at the most.. The sauna oven will provide you with warmed up water that you will be able to tap water directly from the oven.

Hot tube

Enjoy our hot tube when you either rent a stay in our cabin, or just an evening at the SPA. If you are lucky you might catch the Northern light dancing in the sky while sitting in the warmed up tube, 


You are able to use our fire place to cook dinner or something else to snack on during your stay with us. It is also a perfect spot to just boil some coffee and chat with each other around the open fire.


We have a warned up cabin to use for an overnight stay. The cabin holds up to two people, furnished with two beds. It´s possible to use a microwave, water boiler and refrigerator. 




We have two pairs of snowshoes that is avaible to rent during your stay at the cabin. The rent per day is 200 SEK.

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